Who the Office Characters are Voting for

Recently I saw someone on Twitter ask who each character on The Office would vote for– President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden. That’s an interesting question and I want a shot at it.  

Michael Scott is the most interesting of the bunch. He clearly voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and likely again in 2012, but he’s still a Scranton man and the type of guy who could get swept up in a movement. I think he would be a two time Obama voter and two time Donald Trump voter but Holly Flax could push him into supporting Joe Biden. 

I think most people would think Jim Halpert would vote for Biden, but I don’t think so. We know absolutely nothing about Jim’s politics– he appears totally apolitical. But we know he’s a family man, helped start a business, and was raised in Scranton. I think he’d go for Trump. 

Pam Beesly, Erin Hannon, Kelly Kapoor, and Gabe Lewis would all absolutely vote for Biden– or, more accurately,– against bad Orange man. Gabe would also put in a lot of effort to dress up his reasons as more intellectual than they really are. 

Dwight Schrute would unapologetically vote for Trump. 

Robert Califonia was a difficult one. I was close to putting Biden. Yes, he has a business background which suggests Trump but he’s successful enough where he would prefer the stability of Biden over lower taxes and easier regulations. But, his eccentric persona makes me think he would support Trump.

Andy Bernard comes from an economically elite family and went to Yale. He’s voting Biden. 

Early seasons Ryan Howard probably votes for Trump because of his business background but the woke hipster Ryan of later seasons goes for Biden. 

Phyllis Lapin, Kevin Malone, Meredith Palmer, and Creed Bratton all vote for Trump because of their white working class background. Angela Martin votes for Trump because of her evangelical conservatism. 

Oscar Martinez and Tobey Flenderson strike me as moderate liberals that would have supported Pete Buttigeige but switched to Biden later. 

Darrly Philbin votes Trump because of his background in the warehouse, status in middle management, and experience in a startup. Stanley Hudson votes Biden because he’s always voted Democrat since the civil rights movement.

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7 thoughts on “Who the Office Characters are Voting for

  1. Stanley would vote for Trump. He grew up in a small town, and is annoyed of the thought of being oppressed. Also, he likes to work from home. Creed would vote Biden because he would need to bring drugs through the border. Darryl would vote Biden because he was Vice President to Obama, he supports diversity, and free healthcare. Kelly would vote Kanye West or Biden. Angela is a confusing one, she either loves Trump or despised him.


  2. Darryl Philbin will not vote for Trump, even with his experience in the warehouse. I feel like he would stay true to his roots and vote for someone who genuinely cares about the black community in the US.


    1. That person who “genuinely cares about the black community” voted on a crime bill in 1994 which led to the incarceration of many African-Americans. Trump also did countless racist things in the past. My point is, both candidates are racist, so don’t make this a bias thing.


  3. I’m pretty sure Creed would have not voted for Trump, especially since he believes in legalizing Marijuana, plus he doesn’t mind the LGBTQ+ community, as he states in the show.


  4. Andy went to Cornell not Yale, so this whole thing is invalid. I feel like you don’t really know the characters. I thought about Dwight and who he would vote for for along time and I think he’d either write someone in or vote for Biden because I think he would have hated being lied to by Trump about COVID-19. Dwight also volunteers for the sheriff’s department so I think he would believe in defunding the police and putting some of the power back into the hands of good citizens like himself. Darryl also would not vote for Trump.


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