Kamala is Chosen. Now What?

Kamala Harris has been chosen as Joe Biden’s choice for running mate. While predictable, this still came as something of a surprise considering the vast amount of choices he had- particularly more electable ones. While Kamala Harris has the right background to make her more appealing- she is both part Asian and Black- she is not from a swing state (California) and she has a record that is troubling to both moderates and the far left. She has recently become more progressive but her record as Attorney General has left a bad taste in the mouths of many would-be supporters.

Now that Joe Biden has finally announced his running mate, his next step is the Democratic National Convention , which is not far away now. Their intent is clear- they seek a strong mandate from the Swing States as well as minority and urban voters. Their released sample of non-political guest speakers include a Pennsylvanian farmer who voted for Trump in 2016 but will not this cycle, a DACA recipient Floridian who is a paramedic, a bilingual teacher from Milwaukee, an assistant pastor and cancer survivor from Nevada, and a bus driver from Atlanta, as well as others.

As you may have noticed, all those guest speakers are from swing states and have some background that points to help them with their agenda- DACA, ObamaCare, and Unions, among other things. They have multiple speakers from Milwaukee, and are also basing the DNC there. They are clever and humbled enough to realize that they cannot afford to take Wisconsin for granted. In a political era in which the Midwest is Purpleing, they cannot afford to lose any ground. So their strategy with the DNC is clever. If this convinces enough people to vote them back in come November remains to be seen.


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