What Happens Now With RBG’s Seat?

As many of you now know, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away a few days ago. While she has been a polarizing figure to people on the left and right, there is no doubt that she was an extremely influential figure in American politics and modern history. President Trump will most certainly seek to add a new Justice before his first term is up- whether or not he wins the election.

I predict that the following will happen- that Trump will nominate a woman in the upcoming weeks, and that it will almost certainly be Amy Coney Barrett. He was already eyeing her for past seats, and she is in his short list yet again. As far as the vote will go, Mitch McConnell and Trump will both be of the mind of pushing it through before the Election Day. There will probably be one or two Republican Senators who belittle the process, but I think they should be able to get a majority. Senator Gardner will almost certainly vote for the nominee. He knows he is on a sinking ship so he may as well go down being useful to his party.

The Democrats, predictably so, will be very vocal about their disapproval of the way Trump and McConnell will be planning to vote on a conservative justice before the Election. This will certainly rile up both bases in the home stretch of the 2020 Election. I do believe that this will help the Republicans more than Democrats. The Democrats already hated Trump for a multitude of things and have used it to energize their base as much as they could. But for Trump, the Courts is the ace up his sleeve. He has delivered the most conservative court seen in generations, and that would be grounded for sure upon another confirmation. It is one of the reasons he won in 2016, and could be what saves him in 2020- his focus on picking Conservative Justices for the Courts.


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