101 reasons to vote against Biden

As promised, part 2 of my “101 Reasons to Vote Against X” series, the 2020 version. 

1. His age. He’s 77. He will be 78 before inauguration. Even with modern medicine, that’s a questionable age for the President. 

2. He has been in politics forever. 36 years as a Senator and another 8 years as Vice President. 

3. Given how long he was Senator, he didn’t really do that much. His Senate career was kinda lackluster. 

4. And if he did pass away or fall ill, Kamala Harris would become President. Enough said.

5. And even if he made it all four years, Biden winning puts Kamala Harris in the 2024 driver’s seat. 

6. And given his age, his nominees for positions like Secretary of State are crucially important. He has been opaque on who they will be. 

7. He’s a Democrat. 

8. Democrats having full control of government is a bad idea– and they are likely to take the Senate.

9. He has spent the last 6 months in a basement hiding from the soft-ball media and public.

10. He supports a national mask mandate. The federal government simply doesn’t have the constitutional power to do that. 

11. His past and current support for Obamacare. 

12. He supports a public option.

13. He wants to let illegal immigrants join the public option. 

14. He supports a higher federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. 

15. He supports net neutrality.

16.  He opposed school choice. 

17. He wants a national firearm registry. 

18. He wants to increase the capital gains tax. 

19.  He wants to repeal the Trump tax cut. 

20.  If we follow the Democrats standard for Brett Kavanaugh, the Tara Read allegations. 

21. His role in Borking.

22. His role in slandering Clarence Thomas. 

23. His ambiguous stance on court packing.

24. His ambiguous stance on getting rid of the Senate filibuster.

25. His Supreme Court nominees would suck.

26. His lower court nominees would suck too.

27. Oh, and his mystery political nominees would almost certainly suck.

28. He’ll make Christmas illegal again. 

29. Democrats attacks on Amy Coney Barrett’s Catholic faith– and his silence on the issue. 

30. He’s “Catholic” 

31. He’s pro-choice 

32. He’s pro-union.

33. He supported the Iraq War in 2003. 

34. Hunter Biden took advantage of his father’s position as Vice President to enrich himself. 

35. He withdrew from the 1988 Democratic primary because of plagiarism and exaggerating his academic record.

36. He supported the 1994 assault weapons ban.

37. He wants to bring the assault weapons ban back.

38. He supports the Paris Climate Accords. 

39. While he hasn’t endorsed the Green New Deal, he has called it “a crucial framework”. 

40. Even though Joe Biden isn’t a progressive, he is still clearly a left-liberal. 

41. He’s open to reparations. 

42. While he doesn’t have dementia, he’s clearly lost a step mentally. 

43. He opposes Citizens United. 

44. He supports Roe v Wade. 

45. This is a weird 

46. Joe Biden is embracing protectionism. 

47. He supports the “buy American” shtick. 

48. He wants to allow gun manufacturers to be sued.

49. He wants to limit high capacity magazines. 

50. He should have picked Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms as his VP pick. 

51. He was timid and weak in the first debate. 

52. He regularly doesn’t campaign… wait, that may be a good thing. 

53. He literally can’t remember what he’s running for.

54. Trump might decide to run again in 2024. Let’s just get it over with now. 

55. He wasn’t to raise the corporate income tax. That’s bad for economic growth, workers, investors, and consumers. 

56. He wants a minimum wax on corporations.

57. He wants to tax offshoring. 

58. We need a President that will care about government spending. 

59. He wants to go back to the Obama economy. That economy was pretty iffy. 

60. Him winning will make Democrats insufferable. 

61. He hits Trump for the COVID death toll, but there is little to no reason to believe he would have done better. 

62. He doesn’t support Amy Coney Barret. 

63. I want more conservative Justices and Judges from Trump. 

64. Maybe come celebrities will finally leave. 

65. Biden’s last two ratings by Planned Parenthood– in 2006 and 2008– were both 100%.

66. Biden has been rated three times by NOW this decade. He received 100% twice and 91% the other time. 

67. Biden has a 0% from Right to Life. 

68. Joe Biden has a 7% lifetime score from FreedomWorks. 

69. In 2008– his last year in the Senate– he had 8 anti-freedom votes and 0 pro-freedom votes. 

70. In 2008 he had 8 anti-freedom votes and 0 pro-freedom votes. 

71. In 2007 he had 7 anti-freedom votes and 0 pro-freedom votes.  

72. In 2006 he had 9 anti-freedom votes and 2 pro-freedom votes. 

73. In 2005 he had 15 anti-freedom votes and 0 pro-freedom votes. 

74. Harris isn’t much better, she has a 18% lifetime freedom score from FreedomWorks. 

75. In 2020 she had 7 anti-freedom votes and 3 pro-freedom votes. 

76. In 2019 she had 10 anti-freedom votes and 3 pro-freedom votes. 

77. In 2018 she had 21 anti-freedom votes and 9 pro-freedom votes.

78. In 2017 she had 22 anti-freedom votes and 0 pro-freedom votes. 

79. How will Qanon finish the plan if Trump loses? 

80. Biden wants to repeal the Hyde amendment. 

81. Biden wants to undo the Mexico City Rule.

82. Biden wants to undo the domestic gag rule. 

83. He hasn’t been explicit enough in his opposition to Antifa. 

84. He’s endorsed by 175 law enforcement officials. 

85. Lied about where he went to college. 

86. “Bingo. You’re right, if you have an assault weapon. The fact of the matter is they should be illegal, period.” -Joe Biden

87. Ignored Russia while VP. 








95. He opposed sending a SEAL team to kill Osama Bin Laden.

96. To piss off the muh fascism and orange Hitler people.

97. To piss off the muh institutions people.

98. It will piss off the Hollywood elites who threaten to leave the US every time someone they don’t approve of gets elected. 

99. Honestly, it will piss off so many of the worst people. 

100. I’ll miss Trump’s daily Twitter riffs. 

101. Don’t you want to see Occupy Democrats and all those smug people on your social media feed cry? 


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