My Case for Voting against Donald Trump

I wanted to take the time to formally outline the heart of my argument for not supporting President Donald Trump’s reelection. As I wrote here, I don’t think his administration has been all that bad. The word I used to describe it was “fine”. Lots of bad. Lots of good. The reason I’m not supporting his reelection is the flaws he has. Here is a syllogism laying out my position. 

Premise 1: Joe Biden is a traditional left-liberal Democrat– ie he has conventional political views. 

Premise 2: I am not a left-liberal, so I do not support his political views. 

Premise 3: America is a pluralistic democracy, so politicians with political views I do not support will frequently come to power

Premise 4: A politician being elected with conventional political views I disagree with is a simple reality in a pluralistic democracy so there is no point in getting too worked up over a single election. 

Premise 5: President Donald Trump has certain flaws that I generally find unacceptable in a candidate for public office. 

Conclusion: While I do not accept the political views of Joe Biden, I accept those with his views will be frequently elected to lead our country so it makes little sense to oppose him too strongly in a single election and Donald Trump has certain flaws I can’t get past. Therefore, while I don’t support Biden, there is no reason that should move me to support Trump.

Here are some of those damning flaws Trump has:

  1. His embrace of political violence by his supporters 
  2. His refusal to accept unfavorable election results
  3. Admitting to sexual assault (ie the Access Hollywood tape)  
  4. Strong arming the President of an allied country to attack your most likely political opponent in the Presidential election over phony accusations
  5. Trying to get the current US Attorney General to launch an investigation into your opponent in the Presidential election two weeks before the election 

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