How my Election Predictions Look

While we don’t know the final result of every state in the Presidential race or every Senate race, we do know how it will likely end. It looks like President Elect Joe Biden will win Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania while President Donald Trump will win North Carolina and Alaska. It also looks like Republicans will win the Senate race in Alaska and North Carolina and the smart money is on Republicans in both Georgia run-off elections. With all that said, how did my 2020 predictions turn out?

When it comes to the Presidential election, it looks I will be 50 for 50. The only blemish on my prediction is Biden winning NE-02.

And my Senate prediction was also perfect too. I only missed Maine, but I think everyone else did too. 

For as much bad press as polling has gotten in the last week, I used the RCP average for this year and a few past years almost exclusively in making my predictions. 


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