12 Iconic Pictures of the Trump Administration

With the Trump Administration coming to a close, here are the 12 most iconic pictures of the Trump administration. These aren’t necessarily pictures of the most important moments, but the ones that still clearly come to mine even a few years later.

1. The 2017 Inauguration crowd 

New inauguration crowd photos released (2017) - CNN Video

2. Trump and Merkel 

Merkel's G7 photo says everything about Trump's diplomacy – or does it? |  World news | The Guardian

3. Trump buffet

The Pure American Banality of Donald Trump's White House Fast-Food Buffet |  The New Yorker

 4. Trump holding a Bible

Trump's Bible-Waving Idolatry Is Un-American

5. The Orb

What Was That Glowing Orb Trump Touched in Saudi Arabia? - The New York  Times

6. Sharpiegate 

Donald Trump's hurricane Sharpie map and how the media made it worse - Vox

7. Masking up

President Trump wears mask in public for first time during coronavirus  pandemic | WPMI

8. On a drive with COVID-19

Trump Drives By Well-Wishers, Raising Concerns About Health of Secret  Service Agents in His Car - The New York Times

9. Masking down

Trump returns to White House after leaving hospital, sheds mask for photo  opportunity

10. John Kelly is America 

Alumna Sees 'Story within the Story' at Trump Press Conference Following  Charlottesville | Syracuse University News

11. Trump and Kanye

Kanye West announces he is abandoning politics: 'I've been used'

12. Trump saluting a NK officer 

White House Defends Trump's Salute to a North Korean Military Officer - The  New York Times

Bonus: Not technically a picture, but a meme

High Quality Trump interview Blank Meme Template

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