Summertime Conspiracy Theories

We’re only about 75 days until the presidential election and both sides are already spreading conspiracy theories to justify a possible November loss. Joe Biden’s supporters are gaslighting the country by claiming the post office is making it harder to vote to help Trump. 

On the other side, President Trump and his supporters are pushing nonsense about mail voting being susceptible to massive voter fraud. 

Neither of these claims are true. The post office isn’t trying to make it harder to vote. All the examples used are long time and innocent practices. For example, the mail box locks are designed to prevent letter theft and the truck full of mail boxes is taking them to be refurbished. There also isn’t any good evidence of widespread voter fraud. Yes, some voter fraud does happen, but none of it is on the scale to tip a national election– most of it isn’t even big enough to tip local elections.

Beyond the dishonesty of these attacks, they are bad for the country. America has free and fair elections. Viral attempts to undermine that perception because you can’t accept your political opponents winning stokes the polarization of our already hyper-polarized nation. Our country needs more centrifugal forces to bring us together, not more centripetal forces tearing us apart. When we set up elections so that no matter who wins the nation will have to suffer through one side accusing the other side of cheating our national unity is further undermined. Living together in a united country requires accepting regular political losses. No matter who wins, their win will be legitimate. There’s no reason to think otherwise. There’s no reason to spread conspiracy theories suggesting otherwise.


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