Progressive Whitewashing

A certain trend has emerged in the last few months: progressive media outlets and cultural institutions have been shadow editing (changing the contents of articles without disclosing the changes) articles to make them conform to the narrative of the moment. It started with then-Judge Amy Coney Barret’s confirmation hearings. After progressives got worked up about how she used the term “sexual preference” to describe someone’s sexual orientation, Webster’s dictionary changed their definition to match the new standard. 

Fast forward to the new year, and the Washington Post removed an embarrassing anecdote from a Kamala Harris profile published in 2019. Remember how democracy dies in darkness? Is this the darkness they were talking about? 

And now, when Senator Tom Cotton is being accused of lying about being an Army Ranger even though he graduated Ranger School– the qualifying standard for being an Army Ranger. Newsweek went back and changed old articles to match the standard of the moment. Ironically, this edit came at the expense of the first two women to become US Army Rangers. In order to attack Cotton, they had to diminish the accomplishments of Shaye Haver and Kristen Griest.

I guess you either end your career as a journalist fighting for truth, or work long enough to become a propagandist for whatever political causes your support.


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