12 Predictions for the Biden Administration

I did 12 predictions for the Trump administration. Those predictions were fairly accurate. Let’s see if I can repeat that success– maybe even improve some.

  1. Biden won’t pack the courts and the Senate filibuster will remain intact. 
  2. Biden will replace Breyer and at least 10 Republicans will vote for his nominee. 
  3. Biden will have a single major legislative achievement (ie something like Obamacare or the TCJA) outside of a COVID relief bill. 
  4. We will finally go a few days without hearing about the President. The prominence of the position will fade from daily life and news cycles. 
  5. The Biden administration will either have a Trump holdover (ie FBI Director Christopher Wray or Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell ) or appoint a Republican to a prominent position. 
  6. His administration will continue the turn to protectionism of the Trump administration. 
  7. COVID-19 daily deaths will continue to be in the 500 – 1,000 range until the summer. By that point, hopefully there should be much more effective treatments and/or a vaccine being distributed. 
  8. The Biden administration will be a Biden administration– not a secret Kamala Harris administration. 
  9. The DJIA will cross 35,000 by November 2024. 
  10. The national debt will grow by at least 5 trillion. 
  11. Neither Biden or Harris will be the Democratic nominee in 2024 and Republicans will take full control of Congress in 2022.
  12. President Donald Trump slowly fades after inauguration day. Losers don’t do well in politics… especially sore losers 

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